The Tactical Elite is a leader in the preparation of client security detail – CPS-teams for executive protection roles and security turn-key-solutions. The company provides training on site at client locations around the world, facilitating client VIP-protection with up to date training methods, technology and classified know-how with The Tactical Elite's protected curriculum. This leaves the client free to focus on their core business less the preoccupation of security needs.

The Tactical Elite’s activities are coordinated by a professional team of Close Protection Specialists who prepare client CPSs for coordinated team operations.

The Tactical Elite core business is:

• Training and coordinating client security details for high-risk environments.
• Travel Security Protocols for vehicular and executive Air transportation.
• Security Training for CPSs and Military Staff.
• Technological Security Solutions.
• Sensitive installation security surveys and evaluations.

The Tactical Elite dedicated professional staff is on call 24/7 to meet the ever-demanding challenges of its esteemed clients.


 Training & Coordination Executive Protection Clients Security Teams/Detail

The Tactical Elite with its specifically tailored protected curriculum evaluates its client’s specific needs and then drafts programs to meet those needs.

The clients Close Protection Teams are trained to respond to immediate threats without hesitation in unfamiliar ground with extreme precision and efficiency to guarantee the clients safety.

Travel Security Protocols for vehicular and executive Air transportation

Client Close Protection Teams will be put through rigorous training drills and scenarios to guarantee the proper execution of their duties in vehicular and air transportation. The Close Protection Team will learn how to prepare a security brief for their employers with accurate up to date intelligence concerning the area of interest. A series of protocols and check-lists will be put in place to ensure the smooth running of all operational aspects including disaster recovery.